Top MMA studios in orange county

With so many gyms popping up everywhere, and mixed martial arts becoming a mainstream sport, it is becoming harder and harder to spot which gyms are the best areas for training. This article aims to give you a hand in deciding which of these top Orange County MMA gyms could be the right fit for you.

Kings MMA

With a long and storied history and led by none other than master Rafael Cordero,  Kings MMA is one of the top choices in this list if not one of the top choices in the world due to a fact that is basically a factory of champions. How is that you ask will basically the sole reason behind it is the mastermind head trainer, Master Rafa.  A man who is known around the world for his successes and combat sports as well as the successes of his students. It is basically guaranteed that if you go to his gym and put in the hard work necessary you can become a champion at any weight class. Master Rafa has been churning out champions since the early days of makes martial arts and multiple promotions most notably among them pride and the UFC. His fighters were feared for being aggressive and technical fighters, Who had the skills and training to end the fight at any given moment in any given way. Known for being a friendly and approachable gym, Kings MMA manages to be both a challenging and comprehensive environment for beginners and professionals alike.

Nam Phan MMA Academy

This is yet another top MMA gym and a great pick for newcomers and professionals alike due to the fact that the Head Coach and owner is a battle-tested veteran. He is also a feared fighter in the UFC octagon. The coaches claim to fame being his outstanding performances and the ultimate fighter reality TV show. Don’t misunderstand ladies and gentlemen, the TV show is about fighting and the realities of way cutting and other stresses that fighters have to do with, a later on the feeding dojo stormers. Few people would have a better understanding of what it takes to have a successful professional or amateur career in mixed martial arts or fitness and one who has been competing at the pinnacle of the sport 4 years.

Team Oyama

Last but certainly not least on this list is Team Oyama, home of a former UFC champion and many title contenders. This gym must clearly be doing something right.  With the likes of Carla Esparza and “Uncle Creepy,” Team Oyama can boast about having developed 2 outstanding UFC fighters, Karla having been the 1st and former champion of the women’s 115-pound weight class.

We understand how difficult it can be to pick out the same day’s outfit and to sift apart premium content and products  From obvious second-hand knock offs. It is your home and possible future career, and as such this article hopefully served its purpose of better informing our readers of the top mixed martial arts gyms in Orange County.

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