The Innovation of Social Credit Score

China recently established the “social credit score” system which is expected to be launched officially by 2020. This system is supposed to see to it that the citizens are productive with their time failure to which might lead to punishments. This vast system plans to judge the Chinese citizens based on their behavioral patterns and their “social credit”. Currently, this system is remotely operating with some of them being operated by city councils and others by private tech platforms.

How the social credit score works

It is not fully known as the criteria that are used to rank the people, but certain behaviors such as playing excessive video games, smoking in restricted areas, and reckless driving can lead to punishment. This system seeks to improve the living conditions of the Chinese people worldwide.  The government of China is getting a lot of information from over 200 surveillance and facial recognition cameras which are conveniently placed all around the country. This credit score evaluates the ability of a person to be regarded as trustworthy of getting government loans by following up on their personal lives.  

Benefits of the credit score system

Given that this system was created to enhance transparency of individuals we should think that it ought to have advantages right? Undoubtedly, the social credit score has its advantages. Chinese hospitals are still experimenting with the credit score program. A high score of above 650 permits a patient to get medical assistance without queuing to first pay for the services. Individuals with a high credit score get discounts when paying bills, better traveling offers and are able to give a deposit beforehand on rental houses and cars.

Forms of punishment

Modern problems require modern solutions. The Chinese government has stepped up a notch to punish non-compliant citizens. These could be as a result of wasting money when purchasing frivolous items, or excessive gaming as mentioned earlier.

1.     Revoking one’s traveling documents

The government has decided to promptly revoke the traveling documents of those with low credit scores.  This prevents them from getting flight tickets even though they are local flights. This has affected 9 million people leaving them stranded at the airports.

2.     Reducing the internet speeds

The world today revolves around social media use and the various social networking sites, hence the dependence on the internet. Chinese citizens with low credit scores are subjected to slow internet as a way of forcing them to be more proactive.

3.     Banning children from prestigious schools

Everyone wants what’s best for their children. All parents would go out of their way to ensure that their kids get over-the-top education. The Chinese government, however,  revokes such privileges to the citizens who fail to reach the desired standards.

4.     Public Shaming

This could probably be the worst form of punishment yet. This is because people are shamed in front of the whole nation for a low credit score, which generates a distrustful thought towards them.

The system should work for the good of all its citizens and not focus majorly on the forms of punishment.

This Chinese act seeks to inspire honest citizens by punishing and condemning publicly, acts like identity theft by ensuring that these fraudsters are deprived of benefits such as loans, mortgages, credit repair, and credit restoration. Alternatively, these crimes are punishable by total cancellation of the fraudster’s credit score if at all they had their own.

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