Post workout nutrients

You are what you eat, remember to eat replenish your nutrients after workouts. Here are the top 10 foods with high nutrients to eat after working out.

Just like not all workouts are made the same, neither are all foods.

It is important to remember to adjust what you eat based on the physical and caloric demands of your workout.

You wouldn’t fuel your body the same way you would for a marathon as you would a sprint, especially if you’d have to do the same thing again tomorrow,

This article will give you a short list of foods you can’t go wrong with when refueling, to ensure you get back in the fight quicker, stronger, and most importantly better looking.

  • Salt (Redlands) – “the cure for anything is salt water. Tears, sweat, or the sea” -Karen Blixen. Salt does many things, chief among them, truer and quicker, dehydration as well as recovery. Being an essential mineral, a wrongly vilified one at that, replenishing lost salt post workout is of absolute importance.  Minerals lost during sweat and normal bodily functions are potassium, sodium, iodine, and calcium. All of these minerals are necessary to ensure that your muscles are firing properly and that your organs don’t leech the minerals from your bones. Side effects include strong muscles, fewer cramps, strong bones, prevention of goiter and certain thyroid problems.
  • Spirulina

Walking in as ones of the oldest foods on the planet, this blue-green algae is chock-full of vitamins, minerals, and surprisingly protein. Pound for pound, more like gram for gram, spirulina is arguably the most nutritious food on the planet with B1, B2, B3, copper, and iron in its nutrient makeup. Rich with Anti-inflammatories and antioxidant which effectively combat free radicals, it’s a must-have in your utility belt. Studies have also shown that people who use spirulina before a workout take significantly longer to become fatigued.

  • Chlorella

The peanut butter to my jelly, the Batman to my Robin, the Spirulina to my Chlorella. Once again surprisingly considered a complete protein due to its 75% protein makeup and full amino acid profile, this plant is the two-for-one special. Special abilities include binding to heavy metals and other harmful chemicals to help detox your body, immune system enhancement, and increasing the saturation of oxygen in your lungs.

  • Fish

Full of proteins and healthy fats are known as omega-3’s. Fish is a great post-workout method of getting your protein and healthy fats to refuel for the next training session. While larger fish like salmon and tuna are great the mercury level in them is higher than fish lower down in the food chain, like sardines and Mackerel.

  • Dark chocolate

Full of antioxidants and a good way to keep that metabolic furnace burning dark chocolate is always a good post-workout snack and free radical fighter. A good pick-me-up in between workouts as well as a craving annihilator with a decent amount of minerals and a great number of antioxidants. It can also allegedly be used as a facemask for spa days.

  • Berries

Another one of nature’s “candies” and mainstream king of the superfoods, berries are an easy way to get your blood sugar up and antioxidants in without feeling guilty or if dark chocolate isn’t your thing.

  • Sourdough Bread

This fermented bread has a higher concentration of antioxidants and minerals because of the way it is prepared. As well as a good way of replacing your glycogen stores without creating a large blood sugar spike due to its lower glycemic index.

  • Buffalo

With a leaner nutrient profile than chicken and more protein per gram, buffalo is a great whole food way to avoid using protein shakes to make sure you start recovering as quickly as possible during the “30-minute” metabolic window.

  • Papaya

Both ripe and unripe papaya have a plethora of fantastic effects on the body. Full or proteolytic enzymes, Lycopene, folate and vitamin c1, these nutrients work together to ensure you get the most out of your meals by assisting protein digestion. Fun facts can be found here.

  • Sweet Potatoes

Another low glycemic index option to replenishing your muscle glycogen stores to ensure that you’re ready to get back at it as soon as possible. Fun fact, baking a sweet potato as opposed to boiling increases the amount of sugar in it.

Honorable mentions- dark leafy greens, quinoa, wild rice, protein powder, crickets, and liver. The list above is much more creative, colorful and delicious.

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