Avoid These Ingredients When Treating Your Hair, 3 Ingredients Most Shampoos Have That Are Actually Damaging Your Hair

Are you looking for natural ways to keep your hair healthier, stronger and silky? Picking the right shampoos can be the next big thing for you. For men and women who are intentional about keeping their hair and scalp healthy, know the right ingredients that work for you. How? I’ll show you how.

In this article, I’m going to share with you amazing insights on hair shampoos and highlight 3 ingredients moist shampoos have that are actually damaging your hair. You can’t wait to hear this!

3 Ingredients To Avoid When Treating Your Hair

I may not know the exact hair products that you’ve been using all along, but I can help you learn the signs to know if the products are damaging the quality of your hair. Great hair care can never be complete without great products. The quality and effectiveness of your hair products depend on the ingredients.

Did you know that some shampoo ingredients are harmful to your hair and environment at large? I thought you should know. When buying your hair masks, hair shampoos, hair dyes, lotions, and styling gels among other hair products, seek to know their ingredients. This unlocks your journey towards achieving your dream hair and style.

Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate

Sulfates are very strong and shampoo ingredients that be damaging or easily strip the oils from your hair leaving it weak and unpleasant. Sulfates ingredients deprive your hair of its moisture and proteins and this can result in severe hair damage or hair problems. By taking all the oils and residue with them, sulfates can leave your hair frizzy and brittle. So, try to avoid sulfates as much as possible.  

Propylene Glycol

Carefully check the labels to find out if your hair shampoo contains this glycol. It is a popular chemical in hair care products that are suspected to bring scalp irritation. It has great potential to impact the health of your hair by breaking down the hair cellular structure and hair proteins. While leaving your hair shiny and smooth, propylene glycol might fool you to be the best hair care product ever. So, watch out for this.

Polyethylene Glycol

Does your hair shampoo or other hair care products contain polyethylene glycol? This is a chemical that can potentially make your hair brittle. It is believed to be effective in removing grease build up on the hair and dissolve oils as well but not many people know of its long term effects. Avoid this glycol where possible.

Want To Keep Your Hair At Its Best?

To give your hair a wow factor, go for bespoke commercial or natural brands that promote healthy hair and scalp. Alongside going sulfate free, there’re some amazing tips for you. The best justice you can do to your hair is going for hair shampoo tailored for your spring type. Do not neglect the simple rules of washing your hair as often as you can, use the ideal shampoo and follow it up with a conditioner.

While there are many harmful shampoo ingredients, more harmless, less toxic and organic shampoo ingredients are available. If you have suffered a bad hair loss or damage as a result of the hair care products you use, natural alternatives and natural supplements can help you bring back the glory of your hair.

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