Are Hats Bad For Your Hair? The Pros And Cons Of Wearing Hats

Are you a hat fanatic and you heard them say that hats are bad for your hair? If you are worried about how wearing hats affects the health of your hair, you’ve landed on the right site and I’ve got amazing hacks on everything you need to know about hats for a healthy hair. Hats can work magic on your hair by protecting your spring from effects of cooler weather but they still got some setbacks.

Does Wearing Hats Cause Hair Loss?

According to my opinion, wearing a hat in itself may not cause hair loss. However, wearing tight caps can break your hair follicles and result in bald patches. This is a temporary hair loss that occurs when you expose your hair follicles to DHT.

Why Hats Not Good For Dandruff Sufferers?

While a cap looks great on your head, avoid hats if you are a dandruff sufferer. Wearing hats in itself doesn’t cause dandruff but it can make things worse for you especially if you are sensitive to oleic acid which might build up due to poor circulation in your head.

Do You Use Hats Every day?

The extent of the damage depends on how tight your hats are or how often you use them. For baseball players, there are pros and cons of wearing baseball hats frontwards. The edge of the cap can make it easy to lose your hair. Otherwise, for ordinary people, wearing caps every day may not cause a lot of concern. If you’ve got dreads on your head, wearing caps react inversely among different individuals. It can do good or bad things depending on the set of your dreads.

The Best Weather For Hats

In as much as hats are blamed for hair loss, they protect your hair a long way. A winter cap works magic by protecting your hair from the dry cold. Wearing a cap on a sunny day out is the perfect way to protecting your hair from harmful rays. Therefore, we can say that finding the right walking hats for different weather types is an ideal goal.

If you want to perfectly maintain your styled hair, hats may crush your hairstyle and this can be very annoying. Wearing a cap that isn’t waterproof on a rainy day is one of the craziest mess you can do. For baldness, man guys justify wearing caps to enhance their looks.

On a bad hair day, a hat can be the next big thing for you. If you are a lady going on a casual trip and you don’t want to put on your wig, find a comfortable relaxed-fitting cap and you are good to go. Avoid wearing hats in bed if you’ve got to enjoy awesome nights.

What To Think About Before Buying A Cap

Now that you know the pros and cons of wearing hats, you’ve got to be very careful when buying your next cap. Ensure that you get the right cap for every occasion. Avoid very tight head gears since they can damage our hair follies and cause temporary hair loss. Wear caps when you must but keep your hair as relaxed as you can to promote a healthy, fuller and lengthy hair.

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