Stop Going In The Pool Without This Hair Treatment!

If swimming is your thing and you’re focused on your hair goals 2019 of maintaining your perfect hair, learning how to protect your hair from pool water is the best thing ever.

Nothing feels better than diving into the pool on a hot summer afternoon. But for hair enthusiasts, caring for your hair before and after you go in a pool is always the first thing to do. You need to know the right hair treatment to use before and after the pool.

It’s unimaginable how many hair lovers lose their hard-earned hair when summer comes? How does it feel having your hair turn green and dry the first you go to the pool? It’s very annoying. You simply can’t afford to miss that hair!

The Do’s And Don’ts With Hair Product Before And After You Go In A Pool

The best way to protect your hair from pool water is to apply a hair treatment. There are many hair products in the market today but we’ve got supreme hair treatment for natural and processed hair.

I don’t know whether you understand that your hair is at its weakest when it is wet. But that’s the truth of the matter. Your choice for the finest quality hair products before and after you go in a pool is the key that unlocks your healthy hair.

How Does Hair Treatment Help?

When swimming in chlorinated pools, your hair may suffer a lot of damage. Before you put on your swimming gear, here are some dos and don’ts to observe.

Extra Care For Sensitive Hair

If you have color treated hair, dry hair or thin/fine hair, you need to be extra careful with regular exposure of your hair to chlorinated water. Individuals with previously damaged hair too must be extra watchful.

A Hair Cup And A Thorough Rinse After Diving Into The Pool

Always put on your swimming cap. It protects your hair from direct contact with pool water. After the pool, you must thoroughly rinse your hair immediately with clean water, this helps inhibit pool water from walking it way and damage your hair.

Stop Shampoo Before Swimming

Avoid using shampoo before diving into the pool water. Why? Shampoo reacts with chlorinated water and this can dry out your hair. But it’s good to rinse your hair with clean water before swimming.

Air-Dry Hair After The Pool

Allow your hair to air-dry after swimming. It’s the best option. Alternatively, a low brow dry can help.

And If Your Hair Is Already Damaged…

We’ve got some incredible hair products to help you recover your already damaged hair. After swimming, applying hair treatment is one of the best intervention to strengthen your hair. Our shampoo rectifies the green tone on your hair. Apply our oils on your hair then put on your swimming cap as you go swimming and the results are going to be great on your hair.

Summer Is Here And You Got To Go Swimming

Summer is here with us and you can’t afford to forsake the pool courtesy of your color-treated hair or simply your perfect hair. Our hair products are here to give you the best experiences before and after the pool. Talk to a hair specialist for guidance and support.

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