Christmas Season, Brings The Season Of Giving

Christmas Season, Brings The Season Of Giving

We all know Christmas season and holidays as a time of giving and promoting kindness to our neighbors. But it’s not only giving gifts, but also a season of giving back to the community.

For over 20 years now, Isaiah’s Rock Ministry in Chino has been giving Christmas giveaways including toys and food to hundreds of needy families. On Christmas Eve, waiting for families flock to the City Hall and the family night is just an amazing experience for everyone present. They do it every year.

Chino Toy Drive With Dr. Tran

Last Christmas, Chino valley toy drive was a totally unique experience and thousands of families present will live to remember. Dr. Tran did one of the most outstanding things in his profession. Why? She partnered with the Chino Valley toy drive and  Isaiah’s Rock to drop off the toys.

As a way of giving back to the community, Dr. Tran and her entire staff devoted their finances, time and services to show kindness to the needy families in Chino. It was a real blast seeing how the eye specialists and other doctors in the kids’ department enjoyed fun-filled moments with kids.

Other staff like medical doctors, depression therapists, and dental professionals were present and they enjoyed sharing their resources with the less fortunate in the community.

Photo moments were just amazing, but the peak of the event was the time for gifts distributions. Kids love toys! Dr. Tran and her organization donated a lot of resources to the families. Many volunteers were present to help in every way to make the day a real success. They couldn’t help but enjoy the happy chatting between the recipients and volunteers as they played lots of games together.

I was there and the family night experience was a night like no other. I have never seen such joy, such jubilation and I came to learn that it’s true, a little courtesy goes a long way. During toy collections from willing families, these families didn’t have an idea of the lasting impression the toys would give to the needy families. But I tell you the event was a blast!

The founder of Isaiah’s Rock Ministry, Charlene King, couldn’t hide her tears of joy as they saw Dr. Tran and her team, as well as other well-wishers giving their service and love to the people of Chino.

Devotion To Give A Reason For Christmas

Some happy recipients declared that if it wasn’t for the toys, their kids wouldn’t have a Christmas. It is as touching as this. Seeing tears of joy flow on their smiling faces and to know that someone cares and loves them. By giving the toys, food, cleaning detergents and everything, Dr. Tran knows that it’s giving them hope in life as well.

We Can’t Show Enough Thanks

For every family that gave out toys, food, and any other gift towards Chino Valley Toy Drive, Dr. Tran and Isaiah’s Rock Ministry lacked words to express. No amount of thanks is enough to express their gratitude. People gave generously and every needy family got their share of Christmas.

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