TOP Schools In The OC

Getting your son or daughter to the best schools is very important. This decisions lays the foundation of which college they go and we all know that a good college can make a whole lot of difference. A good college sets up your teenager for a better chance for employment opportunities after they finish their degree. It all begins with the right schools. 

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Why is it important to live next to a top schools.

Students at top schools have a better high school experience.
The experience in these top schools is different in that:

  • Students have a stronger sense of safety. Top schools not only endeavor to promote the physical safety of students but also the protection of their person in terms of personality. Top schools have a high sense of belonging and student engagement. Rarely will you find bullying in these schools. Students also have a high sense of self-esteem which is an excellent pre-requisite to a successful time in college
  • Students have more positive relationships with their peers and teachers. Top schools are more than just a school. They are a community. There exist cordial peer-to-peer and student-teacher relationships. Such an environment is a good set up for success in every aspect.
  • There is improved attendance for both teachers and students. Top schools emphasize on academic excellence. Therefore, students are always in school and so are their teachers. If a student is having a good time in school, then they are unlikely to be truant.
  • There is a decreased likelihood of being suspended. Top schools attract students of some stature. Those who are focused on getting into a college. They are have a sense of self-discipline and want to be on the right side of the school rules. As a result, suspensions are not frequent

Students from top schools enjoy academic benefits:

  • Students from top schools have averagely higher test scores. We all know that test scores are very essential in order to be proceed to a top college and succeed there as well.
  • Top schools have a higher college enrollment, persistence and selectivity. The most affected students are those who would have others attended a low performing school.

Clearly, living next to a top school gives you as a parent proximity to an excellent institution and an opportunity to be successful in college for your son or daughter. 
The homes in proximity to top schools are usually expensive but still Many parents have invested greatly in neighborhoods and districts with good schools. They understand that a top school might make the difference for their children succeeding or failing in college.

There are a couple of good schools in Orange County which include:

These are just but a few of the top schools. Orange County has a number of such schools where your child can receive the best education and lay the foundation for success in college.

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