WHY??? Live on Purpose!

When we were young we had such an easy time asking why; why this, why that? Every time someone requested something of us it came so naturally to ask WHY?

Go to bed! WHY? Don’t eat junk food! WHY? Go to school! WHY?
Get good grades! WHY? Do your Homework! WHY? Share with others! WHY?

Every child knows how to frustrate their parents by asking why, way too many times.. lol 

Adults become frustrated at this WHY Question too often because they don’t have a valid answer. Most the time the answers are some how not a real answer at all, instead it is a weak explanation of how upon completion of this specific task will grant us the permission needed only to get ahead at which point we are asked to start a new insignificant tasks and the cycle continues.

1st Grade to 2nd Grade — Freshman to sophomore — High school to college and  it doesn’t end there, work has a “ladder” too.

Please do not be confused, I believe education, learning, and experiencing personal growth is essential to living a meaningful, purpose-filled life and it is critical to living what we are called to do by our creator, plus it is imperative for life itself. School can be a great way to help administer your own personal development, but not a requirement for growth however learning is a requirement.

“In this world you’re either growing or you’re dying so get in motion and grow.” ―Lou Holtz

Look at nature; GOD is amazing, teaching us lessons in everything he creates. If we do not water our plants and provide the proper nutrients for growth plants die. We know this; once plants lose the supply of nutrients it starts to wilt and die. Humans need nutrients too; our food intake is a critical part healthy living. We all know the saying;

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” ―Benjamin Franklin

Over time the difference will become obvious, distinguishing a person who lives a Candy bar a day philosophy from the person whom chooses the apple.

Part of living healthy is what we feed our our bodies, however most important is the nutrients we feed minds. Make sure you grow in every area of life, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, by providing the proper nutrients conducive to growth.

“Garbage in garbage out” – Proverbs

Now what we do and how do it is important. Everyone needs a plan and strategy to accomplish growth. A set of does and don’t to guide us along way to keep us grounded and to keep us accountable.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”― Benjamin Franklin

If we do not create our own plan for this life on earth we will fall into the mediocre plans of the world and never reach our fullest potential.

What is you strategy? What is your plan?

We must strategically plan how to fight evil and how to spread good. We must strategically find new ways to improve our circumstance and the circumstances of the people we serve. There are thousands of books about how to do anything and everything we can possibly think of, and many things we never would of even imagined; books on what to do if this or that happens and I highly recommend you spend time researching a few reference books for your very own strategy.

“There are something that have helped me become a better person, I know I am not what I ought to be and I am not as good as I should be but I think I am better than what I would have been if I had not came across curtain things.” — John Wooden

Books on improving Relationships, Communication, Healthy, Books on improving our Memory, History Books, Leadership, and happiness and of course, the greatest book of all, the Bible.

However I am not here to make the list of Does and Don’ts, or even help you create a plan, that’s up to you and GOD. What I am here to do is to inspire you to think of the most important question and that is the question we were asking since the beginning, WHY.

  • WHY do you want to start the apple a day philosophy?
  • WHY do you want to grow mentally, emotially, spiritually?
  • WHY do you want to have a positive attitude?
  • WHY do we want to connect with GOD and grow in our walk with HIM?
  • WHY do we want to become better?
  • WHY do we want to grow?
  • WHY do we do anything we do?

All the strategy in the world with never help someone who does not have a strong purpose or WHY.

I believe it is critical; before doing anything, before we make a list of erroneous tasks, or a list of audacious goals, we must ask ourselves WHY.

What does it look like when you accomplish this goal? How does it feel? Who benefits? What does it mean for you now that you have what ever it is you desire?

Establish a strong sense of purpose in everything you do and you will live with purpose and on purpose.

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