Prime The Pump Of Success


Today there are million of people thinking they can have fresh well water without the priming of the pump. I am speaking metaphorically, people have unfortunately adopted the poor habit in believing benefits come first, before the hard work, rewards without training, and increase in income without the personal development. When you put it this black and white is it obvious this type of thinking will end you in financial ruin, however I believe you have to be black and white when it come to creating your philosophy. With the economy enhancing as rapidly as today, you can not expect to get something for nothing. Even the businesses paying minimum wage are bombarded with stacks of application and list of people whom are waiting to replace the person adding the least value, within weeks sometimes days sales teams are influenced by this rising status quo and are forced to fire the sales agents whom are not performing, not to mention all the top paid executives being released because of their demanding high salaries and upfront bonuses without the working for it. Why would not hire someone whom can do more for less? Hence the increase in stock options, and profit sharing in companies today and decrease in starting bonuses and salary guaranties. Life is what you make of it and the rewards you receive will be in connection to the amount of ‘pumping’ you do. To understand this philosophy we can look at how the water well works. You keep rewards in life flowing like the water from a perfectly primed pump. Here are 3 things you need to remember before, during, and after you approach your well of success.

  1. Be prepared to pump long and hard without any obvious, visible results.

I use those words ‘obvious’ and ‘visible’ meaningfully. When we are first priming the pump of success, you will not have tangible results, therefore remember the intangibles; change in attitude, friendlier personality, knowledge in a specific field, courage, and list goes on. These are most important.

Jim Rohn –– “ Success is something you attract by the person you have become in the process”

Keep a list of intangible results you may gain from your desired success and then understand most of those characteristics you can have now.

  1. Do not slow down the pumping at the first sign of success; these results are only a small fraction of what is possible if you keep pumping aggressively.

When you first enter the a sales position, it takes a high level of energy to build a pipeline of leads by prospecting, tracking, follow-ups, ect. and only then does the hard work start to pay off and you finally close a sale. DON’T SLOW DOWN. Understand this, if prospecting, tracking, and follow-ups at a high level of intensity are the actions leading to the sale, why would you slow down. Use this momentum to create more inspiration and drive, knowing you are closer to abundance flowing your way. Trust me more sales will be closed in your pipeline however do you want a few drops from this well or do you want a steady flow of sales? The answer is obvious, don’t slow down!

Tony Robbins — “The path to success is to take massive, determined action”

  1. Steady flow with light pumping

The last thing to remember and in my opinion is the driving force to embed this philosophy deep in your habitually thinking; When the results start to compound into a steady flow of benefits in your life then, only then can you slow down, but never stop pumping. Ever have an ‘ah ha moment’ and everything seemed to be simpler and less stressful. This is the same concept. There will be a time after all you hard work, when your rewards are plentiful and the benefits of life will start to exponentially grow. I caution you, if you completely stop what got you to that success level you will lose is all. Just like the water well you can have a steady flow as long as you have keep a slow and steady pump.

Confucius — “It doesn’t matter how slowly you go, as long as you never stop”

Next time you are working hard and see little results, keep in mind how a water well work; study the intangibles, keep pumping aggressively, and when the steady flow of success is here, remember you can enjoy all the rewards of your hard work, however never completely stop working and the rewards will continually flow in abundance.

Zig-Ziglar explains it best in this short 1 minute video— ‘Prime The Pump Of Success’

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