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“A blessing is not a blessing until you pass it on”

Today we’re going to talk about the “Bear Effect”. This concept first came to my attention about eight years ago, by a personal mentor of mine and then I also rediscovered it when I was listening to a Tony Robbins seminar as he explained the depths of the ‘Bear Effect’ concept. Every time I practice the ‘Bear Effect’ I see massive results. It is going to be crucial you understand this process to get your team to move in the direction that propels the vision forward, to get the results you want in life you will need to become first aware of the ‘Bear Effect’ and then you will need to harness the power of this philosophy to achieve exponentially great results in less time.

Before I learned this concept and understood how to use it for my benefit, I was just one those guys always excited about something new, but I never had results. Back in the day when I got super excited, I never really actually did anything with that excitement, it was wasted energy. Maybe you know someone like that, maybe you are that someone. For me, I was always working on a new project, or a new health kit, or a new venture, or new business, but soon after that excitement was over I would eventually just dropped the ball and never pursued the idea fully.

With understanding the ‘Bear Effect’ you must also understand something called “The Law Of Diminishing Intent”. To summarize this law: when excited about something, we have an honest intent to accomplish this desired goal and if we don’t move forward with action, even the well put intention will diminish and vanish over time. So, this ‘Bear Effect’ will successfully keep you moving forward in the direction of your goals, making sure that what you intend to achieve, actually happens for you in your life. This effect is a perpetual cycle, so once you get it in a motion it will stay in motion, unless an outside force is interrupted.

OK, let’s dive into the ‘Bear Effect’. We start with belief. Now at first belief is all about believing in yourself, believing its possible for you, what the mind can conceive and the heart believe, it can achieve, whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. So, understand that it all starts with belief. Okay, so make sure you do believe deep in your hear that you can achieve your hearts desired.

“As a man think’th, so shall he be”.

Believe you are or believe it is at least possible for you to be what ever it is your desire. If you don’t believe it for yourself, just believe that it is at least possible for someone else and it is possible that it can be actually done, so you may need someone else’s belief, get into a mastermind group, that’s what our mentorship program is all about at Wealth Traveler, find a mentor who can believe in you, so you can start believing in yourself.

This will kick your butt to grow your business.

The next step after you believe it is possible for you, get excited, this emotion will get you in motion. You know, in school, we’re sitting in chairs and we’re always told to calm down or relax, and that was me, I was always a wild up kid and excited all the time, however sometimes school would try to suppress that energy, but in business and in life, you need to stay excited. You need to get excited about the opportunity, excited about your health, excited about relationships, I mean get fired up about everything. Some people are dead, some people are zombies, you need to get excited about life, there is so much goodness in the world, get excited about what life has to offer. If you’re not excited, you need to find a way, dig down deep, find something you’re excited about, so you can get emotional and fired up, I hope I made that point clear 

Now, after you’re excited here is the crucial part, action.

 “affirmation without action is useless”

You must take action, that’s the crucial moment. You need to take massive action, but some action is better than no action. Sometimes you get some people excited about your business, excited about your opportunity, excited about your product, excited about their health and if they are excited and believe the new vision for their health or their relationship or their business, just have them take an action step. Small action is better than no action, so if people are excited about their health, just do some push-ups real quick (sounds silly but if their are not willing to take an immediate action step we might have to check their desire level). Are you excited about building a new relationship? Go on a date right away or meet someone new, if you are excited about the business opportunity, start doing something with the business opportunity right away, make some type of commitment action. Get excited yes, but most important take action. The crucial moment to any achievement is always taking action. This is way most times (no one is perfect) I have a call to action after every commitment I make, for me and everyone I serve.

Now, results will naturally come with consistent action. After you take action, you’re going to have some type of results. Recognize and measure the results and then share them with other people, this will inspire belief into others into taking action on achieving their own goals. Show those results to yourself, so you can have even more belief, this will reassure the belief in your self, it reassures the belief in your team and that is fuel to keep moving forward towards the vision.

Now when you believe, you get excited again, and then you take action in your results, so understand this is a perpetual cycle that will continue. Believe, get excited, take action, have the results you always dreamed of and the results will fuels even more success. Understanding this philosophy changed the dynamic of my entire business; this changed how I helped people, or how I moved the momentum forward in my personal life goals. This is how you build momentum, and just know that it may take some time to understand, so just come back to this article when you can, share this information with someone if you got some value from it so more people can gain value from it as well and you can create a mastermind group of like-minded people all gaining results on the pursuit of their hearts desires. Mastermind group exponentially increase the results in your life if you’re not apart of one you can join our at Wealth Traveler you will also receive a free e-book when you sign up. Share it with your team, take action now, the faster you and your TEAM understand the ‘BEAR EFFECT’ the faster you will have major results. Your team will be effective just like you are. Thank you so much for being with us, subscribe to my channel below, make sure you leave a comment, ask a question, and share your story, I want to connect with you on a greater level, I want to serve you as you serve the world, please connect with me and thank you for taking the time to read my blog and learn about the power of the ‘BEAR EFFECT’.


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